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Skills & Experience

Executive Management

Over more than 35 years of my career I managed companies, projects  and people. I served as an executive Director on boards of companies  listed in London (Angus & Ross) and in Australia (Strzelecki Metals), as  well as of private companies (KGHM Polish Copper, Norwest Corp). I am  a holder of a Diploma in Company Directorship issued by the Institute of  Directors in London. 

Financial Modelling

While working on scoping and feasibility studies of mineral exploration  and mining projects in Greenland, China and Poland I developed the  complex skill of financial modelling of such projects. I had built bespoke  models with multiple revenue streams, commodities and tax regimes,  debt and equity financing and hedging with futures. I also trained in  financial modelling on specialist courses.  

Analytical Skills

In the course of my work I had to evaluate many projects as potential  acqusition targets and ‘defend’ the projects I worked on at investment  analysysts’ metings. As a Chairman of the Association of Mining Analysts  in the 1990s I took analytical interest in many projects being presented  by their onwers to the AMA. I’m familiar with mirco (project level) and  macro (GDP-commodity cycle) analysis. I attended a PhD course in  mineral economics at Luleå University, Sweden. 

Commodity Trading

I have a first-hand experience of commodity trading, both physical and  through futures and derivatives on the London Metal Exchange. I traded  copper cathodes, zinc & lead, gold & silver, as well as concentrates of  copper and zinc-lead. Through the projects I worked on I also got  familiar with markets for tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, tin and  tungsten. I have some familiarity with the coal market, coal bed  methane and underground coal gasification. I am familiar with the Oil &  Gas sector as well.  

Mentoring Skills

While working for KGHM Polish Copper in London, I trained over 50 staff  from the parent company. I subsequently went on to run commodity  training courses for Euromoney and trained UNCTAD staff in Geneva and  at thier regional workshops in Kazakhstan and Thailand.  

Communication, Presentation & IR

Since the KGHM’s IPO in London in 1997 I have been actively involved in  Investor Relations activities of the companies I worked for. I delivered  roadshow presentations during our fundraising campaigns, took part in  TV interviews, presented at more than 50 conferences. I designed and  published corporate newsletters for shareholders, wrote feature articles  for the Mining Journal and other publications, and published a book on  environmentlay and socially responsible mining (published by UNEP and  available for download from here). 

Consultancy Experience

During my freelancing years I acquired significant consulting and  research experience working in the UK, Thailand, Kazakhstan,  Switzerland, France, and South Africa for clients such as the World Bank,  UNCTAD, UNEP, McKinsey & Co, Mining Journal, Euromoney, CRU, US  Department of Energy, Raw Materials Group, World Gold Council, SASOL,  and many industrial and mining equipment companies.  


I am a native Polish speaker and have a reasonable command of Russian  sufficient to read professional magazines and listen to presentations at  conferences without the aid of an interpreter. 
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